Digital Marketing Without The Expensive Overheads

No Bullsh**, One on One Affordable

Digital Marketing Without Lock in Contracts

* 10 Clients at a Time Only – Get The Attention Your Business Deserves

15 Years Experience in Multiple Renown Agencies across hundreds of Industries

Stop wasting money on pricey agencies with lock in contracts. I will show you exactly what they do for a much cheaper price.

 I won’t overwork myself, so I can only take on 10 clients at a time, please check for availability below

The Number One Solar Leads Supplier in the Country.

We are extremely fortunate to have been introduced to Joel via mutual friends from an advertising agency in 2019. Since then, Joel has built and managed our SEO & Adwords strategy from the ground up, and produced phenomenal results. Joel’s attention to detail, and ability to proactively spot opportunities in our market, and turn those opportunities into leads have made it easy for our business to scale and become the number one solar leads supplier in the country.
Stuart McConaghy, TotalQuote

Australia's Top Moringa Seller

Since 2016, Joel designed and created a highly converting website in the health and supplement space that became the number one seller of Moringa Oleifera throughout Australia. Utilising extremely effective google ads and SEO strategies, Joel has managed to surpass all competition in this space producing phenomenal results. 
Moringa Products

Search Engine Optimisation

Learn why my SEO strategies were so successful in agencies like King Kong. My approach is different to most, it comes from real data with top class technical SEO

Google Ads

I’ve built brands from scratch with Google Ads, including my own. I won’t misfire on your campaigns. Google Ads are an absolute favourite past time of mine as sick as that sounds. 

Websites & Maintenance

Needing your website updated or created? I’m proficient with most coding languages and can easily help with any website development or maintentance requirements.

Conversion Rate Optmisation

Why have a great website that does not convert? Over the years I have worked with and on many conversion projects. I also have great contacts in this industry that will take your conversions to another level.

An Alternative Approach to Digital Marketing

Instead of just jumping from agency to agency, getting the same results or worse. Let’s try a one on one approach with marketing strategies I will design straight from the data of your site. Forget about individual keyword rankings for a while and lets work on targeted traffic with topics related to your business, that people are already searching for. Let’s tailor this campaign solely for you.

You will work with me, and me only. No account managers, no excuses, no lock in contracts. Let’s work together to grow your business.


Get STarted With A Free Consultation

Let’s discuss what you want to achieve and how we will do it. Let’s just cut through the bullsh** and get you results. 

So, Who Am I?

My name is Joel Molloy, as an Australian, I graduated university with an academic award of excellence over 10 years ago. I worked in multiple Digital Marketing agencies throughout Australia before finally becoming head of SEO at King Kong.

I have worked with some of the biggest brands in Australia and in 2019 I launched my own brand which now generates over $40 000 in sales a month passively.

I am a very down to earth person and will work with you to achieve your business goals. I will only take on up to 10 clients at a time as I need to give my full attention to each client, I won’t take the agency route of overloading the work and minimising the results. It is just me you will be dealing with.

Save Time, Money and Stress

Tell me how you want data to be portrayed to you. I will speak in your language when it comes to Digital Marketing. No sugar coating bloated statistics, let’s just report on the things you want to hear that are important to your business.

I will also only take one client per industry, I will not work with your competitors. My goal is too beat them!

Semrush Awards Finalist Multiple Times Over

I have had multiple campaigns nominated and made into the finals in the Semrush awards for years in a row. My campaigns have shown to be very successful year after year. Maybe we can enter your campaign for the next awards night!

My Timeline

Here is some of my more recent work. Due to client and agency confidentiality, I can’t show all the campaigns I have worked with.  It’s important for some clients to keep data confidential and it’s important to me not to cross boundaries. If you do not wish for your information to be shown, it will not be.

  • Organic Traffic up 902% Since 2019 90.2% 90.2%
  • 684% Increase in Organic Sales Since 2019 68.4% 68.4%
  • 435% Increase in Revenue Through Google Ads 43.5% 43.5%
  • 431% Increase in Sold Products Through Google Ads 43.1% 43.1%
  • Organic Traffic up 1400% Since 2020 100% 100%
  • Over 3000 Leads With Google Ads 90% 90%
  • Organic Traffic Increase of 320% in 2 Years 90% 90%
  • Over 400% increase in organic leads 80% 80%
  • UK Site Launch With Rapid Growth 90.2% 90.2%
  • 150% Increase in Australian Traffic Over 2 Years 75% 75%
  • 60% Revenue From Organic Search Alone ($500 000+) 60% 60%
  • Organic Traffic up 510% in a Year – Nominated for Semrush Award 90% 90%
  • Over 100 000 in Search Volume up 1500 Places Within a Year 100% 100%
  • Organic Click Through Rate of 4% 40% 40%
  • Organic Traffic Increase of 6400% – Nominated for Semrush Award 100% 100%
  • 60% Sales Attributed to Organic SEO ($350 000+) 60% 60%



What Makes You Different From Other SEO Agencies

I wouldn’t consider myself an Agency as such. I will cap the clients I work with so they are devoted the time per month they need. I have worked with Agencies for over 10 years, running some of the biggest and best SEO teams in the country. Not only can I offer you everything an Agency can, I can do it much cheaper as I don’t have the overheads they do. I also know how most agencies operate as I have designed the SEO structures in multiple agencies. 

Will You Take on my Competition?

No. Once I have a customer in a certain industy, I will not take any more on in that field. I’m here to work with you to outperfom your competition. Not play you against them like most agencies do.

What Are Your Contracts Like?

There are no lock in contracts at all. I stand behind my work and ultimately if I can’t get it to perform, we part ways. I will only ask for a months notice when you leave as I do work on a monthly basis. Even if you are leaving I want to make sure the site is in pristine condition for whatever you plan to do next.

Will I Have Access to my Google Ads?

Yes. This is yours, I will create the account if you don’t have one and add you as an admin. This way when it comes time to part, everything is still there for yourself and whoever comes next. It’s important to read the fine print when dealing with agencies as they don’t like to give up the account to the customer. 

Where Are You Located?

Currently I am on the Gold Coast in Australia. All my work is done in house by myself, you will only be dealing with me. 

Will You do Meetings?

Absoltely. Happy with face to face meetings or online, which ever is your preference. I want to work with you to not only reach your goals, but surpass them. 

What Happens if Results Are Poor?

This is marketing, it won’t always work out perfectly and anyone who guarantees differently is lying to you. If it is not working out, either one of us can pull the plug at anytime. I have no interest in giving out zero results, it is unproductive for us both.  

Why Only 10 Clients at a Time?

Most agencies overload their staff with 30+ clients at a time. My record was around 80 clients at onece in some agencies. It’s unproductive, poor results as staff are overworked, clients usually get angry as not enough is being done. 

I don’t want any of this, so I will cap my workload at 10 customers so they get the attention they need. I also have a successful eCommerce company that is automated and requires the same amount of work each month my clients would need. 

I Need Other Marketing Services

Need other services like Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing or Conversion Rate Optimisation on Superior Landing Pages? Where I can’t offer this myself persay, I can point you in the direction of some Titans of Industry that can. 

What Industries Won't You Work With?

It is very few, please keep updated here on what industries I can’t currently take on. 

Here are some Industries I won’t work with regardless

  • Child Care – If this is what you are looking for reach out and I will put you in contact with the best in Australia in this Niche. I have no interest in competing with them as they are so good and great people to deal with. 
  • Plumbers – I worked with the best in the Gold Coast and Brisbane and I know how successful they are from it. Not only are they hard to compete against, a lot of it is my former work and former colleagues and they are extremely successful in the digital marketing space. 
  • Wedding Industry – This is completely saturated and the prices I offer just won’t be enough to compete in this industry. 
Do You Have a Preference of Client?

Not really, my most successful campaigns however have always been eCommerce. It is a passion of mine and something I am very good at.