Some of My Work

Here is some of my more recent work. Due to client and agency confidentiality, I can’t show all the campaigns I have worked with.  It’s important for some clients to keep data confidential and it’s important to me not to cross boundaries. If you do not wish for your information to be shown, it will not be.

  • Organic Traffic up 902% Since 2019 90.2% 90.2%
  • 684% Increase in Organic Sales Since 2019 68.4% 68.4%
  • 435% Increase in Revenue Through Google Ads 43.5% 43.5%
  • 431% Increase in Sold Products Through Google Ads 43.1% 43.1%
More on Moringa Products

This was a brand I built from scratch. It now has its very own product line with monthly orders coming in from overseas.

The site was built off Google Ads and Organic SEO, not much social or other forms of marketing have been as profitable. Sites like this it is important to find what channels are working and invest the time into that, cutting through the bullsh** and getting to the results.

It now generates around $40k per month passively with fullfilment centers located in Melbourne.

This site was so sucessful that the main competition have been crying about it for years trying every avenue they can to close it down.

  • Organic Traffic up 1400% Since 2020 100% 100%
  • Over 3000 Leads With Google Ads 90% 90%
More on Your Solar Quotes

This is a client I have worked closely with for years now. Mainly operating Google Ads I do act as a consultant for SEO services as well.

This has been a very sucessful Ads campaign with being able to keep to the Goal CPA for years now while generating new leads that this brand consistently close with great sales people and knowledge of the Solar Industry.

Using multiple Adwords campaigns and localised targeting, I have really managed to hone in on the traffic and conversions keeping everyone very happy, except the competition. 

  • Organic Traffic Increase of 320% in 2 Years 90% 90%
  • Over 400% increase in organic leads 80% 80%
More on the Physio Industry

A hyper competitive industry, we (myself and my team) launched an agressive localised SEO campaign based around search keywords and topics that not many competitors had noticed. It did take a few attempts however to get it right as you can see with the graph. 

Once we got the target right it just exploded and the results were massive. We saw a 320% increase in traffic over a few months, but overall it took us 2 years to get it this far. 

  • UK Site Launch With Rapid Growth 90.2% 90.2%
  • 400% Increase in Australian Traffic Over 4 Years 75% 75%
  • 60% Revenue From Organic Search Alone ($500 000+) 60% 60%
More on the Recyclable Product Industry

We had 2 sites with this company. An Australian one and later on an international site.

The Australian site went from around 10 000 organic monthly visits to over 40 000. (This was over many years) It was super successful and the reason the international site could be launched focusing on UK customers. Organic SEO contributed to 60% of the turnover which was around $300k a year

Utilising a very similar strategy to the Australian site, we were able to get oranic traffic flowing very quickly. Using the Aus site to help buffer the new one it was not long before the brand was appearing throughout the UK.


  • Organic Traffic up 510% in a Year – Nominated for Semrush Award 90% 90%
  • Over 100 000 in Search Volume up 1500 Places Within a Year 100% 100%
  • Organic Click Through Rate of 4% 40% 40%
More on the Hobby Industry

This was one of the best campaigns I have seen. We managed a 510% increase in Organic Traffic in one year and it had been nominated for an award due its success.

This was a combination of great timing with a relatively new product and us absolutely smashing keyword topics around it. We ended up with well over 100 000 search volume for keywords in the top 3 spots… As the hobby grew in popularity, so did this site. 

Unfortunately not all stories like this have a happy ending. This is a prime example of leaving something good for what you think is better. Once they left our team, it took 6 months for the traffic to drop over 90% and it has never recovered.  

  • Organic Traffic Increase of 6400% – Nominated for Semrush Award 100% 100%
  • 60% Sales Attributed to Organic SEO ($350 000+) 60% 60%
More on the Art Industry

One of my favourite industries to work on, I have worked with a lot of art clients over the years from art supplies to artwork itself. There is always room for work in this industry with fresh topics consistently appearing. 

This particular campaign was one of the most successful I have been a part of, it was also nominated for awards and did win some. 

Currently this brand can be seen on the likes of the Block, Grand Designs Australia  and Selling Houses Australia. Truly a bohemoth of a campaign that I am still so proud I was part of to this day. 

  • 400% Increase in Organic Traffic in under a year (Nominated for Semrush Award) 90.2% 90.2%
  • Over 200% Increase in B2B Sales 70% 70%
More on the Dairy Industry

This was a huge risk in 2018 to take on a Dairy/Milk provider. Going up against the likes of Colesworths while they dictated low milk prices and held the monopoly was always going to be tough. 

Our approach was a B2B approach to get this brand of milk into stores for the customer. 

Our gamble worked and the results were huge, now a major player in the milk industry, they have been able to keep their soul and not sell to the major rip off supermarkets while still making a huge impression. 

This campaign was also a finalist in the Semrush Awards. 

  • New Site Launch & Organic Traffic to 3000 Monthly Users in 7 Months 100% 100%
  • 6% Organic Conversion Rate 60% 60%
  • Organic Traffic Contibuted to 43% Of Overall Sales – $150 000 in 7 months 43% 43%
More on the Kids Fashion Industry

This was another huge risk in 2018 to take on. The fashion industry is relentless and the kids fashion industry just as bad.

This was a brand new site trying to get into fashion and it seemed an unlikely task. We strategised around target audience and the niche items this store supplies and from there, it went nuts. From no traffic to 3000 organic hits a month in the space of 9 months. This was a major success for all our team who worked on it

We found certain niches that were heavily searched for and the competiton was not huge. This kind of data analysis is what I offer, to find opportunities that are easily looked after. 

We had a lot of people asking how we launched a successful fashion company online in a matter of months. 

  • 50% Increase in Organic Traffic Over 6 Months 50% 50%
  • Over 100% Increase in Leads 100% 100%
More on the clothing Alteration Industry

Known as Australia’s largest clothing alterations company we managed to increase organic traffic by 50% while moving up some massive keywords. 

This was a site that held a tonne of power and authority due to its brand. It needed tweaking and some heavy technical SEO done to it. Once the on-page was perfect and the techincal side of things moving, the site just kept going up each month. 

A great example of how even huge brands make mistakes and just need to be technically unlocked for huge results. 

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Some More Work

Where I do not have the graphs or access to these industries anymore. Here are some more projects I was very happy to be apart of that turned into massive successes, some were award winning and nominated.


  • Stradbroke Island Accommodation
  • A Qld University – One of the Largest
  • Health Supplements
  • Pre-packed meals
  • Massive appliance centers
  • Road Safety
  • Machinery Driving Schools